The secret service’s investigations

In the summer of 1909, the secret services received complaints from banks and shop owners for the large amount of counterfeit currency injected. Initially the investigations did not lead to concrete results. Then a turning point came when William Flynn went to Pittston, Pennsylvania to investigate. It was a very dirty and very violent coal city. There was the presence of many Italians and the flow of counterfeit money was substantial. The investigative activity rewarded the diligent investigators, in fact a Sicilian named Sam Locino was identified. This person, a person of dubious reputation, was placed under surveillance. As soon as there was evidence that Sam was in possession of counterfeit banknotes he was broken into his home and was caught in chestnut. The agents’ suspicions became overwhelming evidence against him if brought to court, in fact he was found in possession of several fake dollars. At that point he was arrested and placed in a cell awaiting trial. Locino was a smart guy who didn’t intend to be thrown into his cell for years.



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